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Open-Source Intelligence Solutions

Locating Individuals and Information with Precision


By clicking “Agree and Submit” you are agreeing to the current Pandorus Intelligence, LLC
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  Pandorus Intelligence, LLC does not provide consumer
reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. We provide sensitive information (criminal
record, address, phone number, property, civil judgment, and more) that can be used to satisfy
your curiosity, protect your family, locate individuals, and find the truth about people in your life.
You agree not to use our site and the information we provide to make decisions about consumer
credit, employees, tenant screening, or any other purposes that would require Fair Credit
Reporting Act (“FCRA”) compliance. See 15 U.S.C. §§ 1681, et seq.  You agree not to use the
products or services of Pandorus Intelligence, LLC to determine one’s eligibility for credit,
housing, insurance, employment, or any other reason subject to the FCRA.  You further
understand that Pandorus Intelligence, LLC is not a “consumer reporting agency” and does not
provide “consumer reports” under the FCRA.  
The information contained in Pandorus Intelligence, LLC’s products is obtained and gathered
using publicly available information only.  At no time will Pandorus Intelligence, LLC make
direct contact with the target subject. This final report is prepared at the request of the client only.
The results of Pandorus Intelligence, LLC’s research are presented as-is. The client
acknowledges that the information gathered is from publicly available sources and may contain
inaccurate results. The analyst uses their best judgment in obtaining the information for the
client.  In some cases, Pandorus Intelligence, LLC may not be able to find any information at all
about the target subject. Pandorus Intelligence, LLC makes no guarantees or assertions about
safety by providing the requested information.
Pandorus Intelligence, LLC’s products and services may not be used to stalk, harass, blackmail,
or for any other unlawful activity.  Pandorus Intelligence, LLC reserves the right to share
concerns about unauthorized uses of its products or services with law enforcement, or in
response to official law enforcement inquiries.

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